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Mississippi River & St. Croix River Fishing Guide Denver McKinnon. Over 38 years of experience!

Denver has been fishing the Mississippi River system for over 38 years. With a lot of experience on the river, Denver feels that guiding is the best way to pass on the Mississippi River and St. Croix river knowledge he has gained over the years.

Whether interested in bring home fish for dinner or looking for a trophy, Denver will do his best to provide you with a happy and exciting day. You can choose the target species between Walleyes, Sauger, and Crappie. The techniques you learn with Denver will help you when you are out on your own on the Mississippi River and St. Croix River. Denver guides on the Pool 2 (St. Paul), Pool 3 (Hastings), and Pool 4 (Red Wing) of the Mississipi River. He also guides on the St. Croix from Hudson all the down to Hastings. Book a trip today with Denver's guide Service, and let your Mississippi or St. Croix River fishing adventure begin!

Check out Denver's recent Mississippi River fishing reports. He adds a report almost each time he is out, so check back often to see what the fish are up to! Also, take a look at his Mississippi River trip logs to see stories from his client trips and testimonials!

"Thanks again so much for a great day fishing. My dad and I had a great time. Good luck with the softball in Mankato and drive safe." - Matt (Red Wing trip 09/23/11)

Vertical bite was on the last couple days I was out

Friday morning I met Marty and Brian at Everett's Resort.  After spending about 40 minutes getting the boat unfrozen from the boat trailer we did not take long to put walleyes and saugers in the boat.  We fished several areas on this date searching for the hottest bite.  Well worth the searching for my trip on Saturday went great.   Brian and Marty it was great to be back on the water after the long break with me spending lots of time in the woods deer hunting.

Saturday morning Steve, John and I launched out of Everett's again (thanks Steve and Carrie for keeping them ramps clean).  We went straight to one of the areas I had fished the day before and wow the bite was very good today.  That pre fishing really pays off.  We caught lots of walleyes and saugers today with the biggest getting up around the 20 mark I believe.  

Steve and John caught onto the technique pretty fast today.  I am glad you gentlemen enjoyed our day on pool 4 today and I look forward to another great time on the mighty Mississippi River with you gentlemen in the future.  The weather was on our side today too which made it easier to be comfortable.  

The flow is a little high for this time of the year running at 11000 cfps.  The water temperature dropped a whopping 12 degrees since I was out last.  The nice thing is the fish are biting.  And wow they have lots of shad in their bellies.  Be safe there are lots of floating icebergs on the river.   

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!! 

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Checkout Denver's stories from his guided trip and see client testimonials!

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