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Denver has been fishing the Mississippi River system for over 38 years. With a lot of experience on the river, Denver feels that guiding is the best way to pass on the Mississippi River and St. Croix river knowledge he has gained over the years.

Whether interested in bring home fish for dinner or looking for a trophy, Denver will do his best to provide you with a happy and exciting day. You can choose the target species between Walleyes, Sauger, and Crappie. The techniques you learn with Denver will help you when you are out on your own on the Mississippi River and St. Croix River. Denver guides on the Pool 2 (St. Paul), Pool 3 (Hastings), and Pool 4 (Red Wing) of the Mississipi River. He also guides on the St. Croix from Hudson all the down to Hastings. Book a trip today with Denver's guide Service, and let your Mississippi or St. Croix River fishing adventure begin!

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"Thanks again so much for a great day fishing. My dad and I had a great time. Good luck with the softball in Mankato and drive safe." - Matt (Red Wing trip 09/23/11)

Rising river and lower water temperatures this week

Just like every year when we first get that initial rise in the river system for the snow melting the water temperature take a couple degree dive which puts the fish in a negative mood and softer bite.   With the being said I had a couple good trips down on the river system the last few times out.

Matt and Paul joined me Saturday morning at Everts resort at about 730 am    We headed to an area that I had gotten fish in earlier in the week not just Walleye’s but northern, small mouth bass,white bass,and sheepshead.  All our fish came in plastics.  

We fished this area for a few hours until the big ice and floating debris slowed down. We then went to searching current seems until we found some walleye and sauger that wanted to cooperate.   Paul seemed to have the hot hand today in my boat.  Gentlemen what a great time on the water today it always makes my day to to the clients I take out really enjoy their selves on the water.   I look forward to another day I can take you out in the night Mississippi River.

Today Jevin and Robert joined me and we headed out to do some searching.   It took about 30 minutes and Jevin got his personal best walleye.  A very nice 7.4 lb female we took pictures of and turned loose so she could go lay her eggs within the next couple weeks.   

We fished for a half day today and boated several Walleye’s and lost quite a few that just nipped our baits.  What a fun time Robert and Jevin and it makes me feel good that I was able to put you on such a nice walleye young man.  Good luck to the two of you the rest of the spring .   

In my vessel the last week most of the fish we have caught were on plastics.  Water depths have ranged from 14-20 ft. On most of the keepers we put into the boat.   With the water level rising keep in mind you will need to keep adjusting to catch your fish.  Water clarity in one week has gone from about 7 ft to now about 1 ft.   

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!!



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